The principal activities of Velena are manufacturing and exporting fabrics by providing home-concept consultation.


As the founder, Mr. Zhang emphasised: customisation and competitive price remain the factual password of the company. Everything our team prioritises is derived from our passion, mission, and vision to quality and to endeavour to integrate all procedures under its sphere. The director of the Export Dept further added that ‘cost-leadership does not mean the best solution in this challenging economic situation and uncertainty. Our institutional design boils down to a simple phrase will be: strive harder to satisfy customers’ demands’.

Focusing on upcoming home/lifestyle trends

Velena Home was incorporated by the group of Weisaier & Riyade Textile. With respect to the success achieved by Weisaier & Riyade in Sofa Fabric area, we further take the opportunities to expand our main business into Curtain; Cushion; Wall Cloth and other upholstery fabrics. The mechanism behind is our capacity of integrating supply chain and optimising assembly lines. In this regard, Velena Home develops the new concept of HOME FABRICS with great enthusiasm to offer customers’ one-stop shopping experience.

Stakeholders’ interests

Being a responsible corporate citizen, Velena ensures full compliance with all applicable statutory requirements.

·         We have a detailed Corporate Handbook to guide decent work style including 1) equality at workplace 2) work & life balance 3) employees’ welfare protection 4) confidential information protection system 5) etc.

·         Moreover, we have elaborate due diligence that carefully evaluates all of our partners. Through which, child labours, modern slavery and other unacceptable conditions are strictly banned.

·         Simultaneously, we set a standard in terms of sustainability. It goes beyond the basic requirements of recycling, reduce and reuse, to make ourselves accountable in sustainable development. For instance: our printing’s paper comes from recycled materials; strict control of water pollution and its ecosystem destruction etc.

Quality control

Our stringent commitment to Quality has been further enhanced. We continue to build a community where gathering textile experts to jointly guarantee production quality as well as developing new items. Our variety of products are already a rage in East Europe and North Africa, and indeed the utmost care is taken to maintain our quality across all range of products. To facilitate, we have implemented TQM (Total Quality Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to steer the corporate direction into the correct space.